Human trafficking has been recognized by government leaders as one of the priority issues of our time. In the past fifteen years, there has been a surge in activity aimed at addressing human trafficking.  Numerous laws, policies, and programs have been created to strength capacity to prevent, identify, and respond to human trafficking.  Much of the current work addresses the problem after harm has occurred. This work, which includes apprehending traffickers and assisting survivors, is vital, but much more is needed to prevent human trafficking from occurring in the first place. Ultimately, a comprehensive, integrated, multi-sector response must be developed.

This page highlights both my research on human trafficking and other work that I view as informative.

Current projects:

  • Public Health Approaches to Child Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking in Supply Chains -- An Evaluation of Law Aimed at Fostering Private Sector Engagement



Selected articles in peer review and law journals:

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University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, Treaties on Human Trafficking

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